Jogo das Cores
Click on “Jogar”. Look at the star, what color is it? It will help the kids to learn colors and how to pronounce them.
Grades K, 1

Aprendendo o Alfabeto


Coelho da Pascoa

  • Click on “Jogar”, then click on “Continuar”. Choose a language (“Português”). Use the mouse to find the eggs and count with them. The numbers will go up to fifty and it will ask questions on how to spell certain numbers.
  • Grade 1

Ursinho AEIOU

Jogo das Sílabas

Brincando com as Vogais

Um Dia Na Praia

Explore a Praça

Monstro Come Fruta

Batalha dos Números

  • Click on “Jogar”. Then you have to choose between easy (“Fácil”) or hard (“Díficil”).You will have to choose a name for your player. To play click on the appropriate sign > ou <.
  • Grades 1, 2


Combinar as palavras com os desenhos

Procura das Cartas

  • Click on “Jogar”. Put the syllables in order and watch as the picture forms. After you find all the words, there is a matching game that will help the kids to learn how to pronounce the words that they just found.
  • Grades 1, 2

Dezenas e Unidades

Jogo do Grau – Aumentativo e Diminutivo

Hangman- Coletivo


Jogo das Sílabas

Aprendendo as Horas

Jogo dos acentos


Classificação dos Animais