WEBSITES (from Grade K to Grade 4)

Jogo das Cores

Aprendendo o Alfabeto


Coelho da Pascoa

  • Click on “Jogar”, then click on “Continuar”. Choose a language (“Português”). Use the mouse to find the eggs and count with them. The numbers will go up to fifty and it will ask questions on how to spell certain numbers.
  • Grade 1

Ursinho AEIOU

Jogo das Sílabas

Brincando com as Vogais

Um Dia Na Praia

Explore a Praça

Monstro Come Fruta

Batalha dos Números

  • Click on “Jogar”. Then you have to choose between easy (“Fácil”) or hard (“Díficil”).You will have to choose a name for your player. To play click on the appropriate sign > ou <.
  • Grades 1, 2


Combinar as palavras com os desenhos

Procura das Cartas

  • Click on “Jogar”. Put the syllables in order and watch as the picture forms. After you find all the words, there is a matching game that will help the kids to learn how to pronounce the words that they just found.
  • Grades 1, 2

Dezenas e Unidades

Jogo do Grau – Aumentativo e Diminutivo

Hangman- Coletivo


Jogo das Sílabas

Aprendendo as Horas

Jogo dos acentos


Classificação dos Animais

Jogo das sílabas

  • This is a review of the sounds that the kids in 2nd grade have already learned in 1st grade. Just a little more complex. You have to choose one of the sounds that you want to review, BA, DA, CA, FA, LA, MA, NA, PA, RA, SA or TA. Then they will have to choose the picture that starts with that sound.
  • Grades 2, 3

Jogo das sílabas

  • Click on “Jogar”. You have to choose the incorrect syllable and click on it, it will then show the correct spelling of the word.
  • Grades 2, 3


  • A website that explains special subjects culturally specific to Brazil. Under the subtitle “Filtrar”, choose your genre and the age, “Idade”, of your child.
  • Grade 3

Descubra o nome do Livro

Sopa de Letrinhas


Jogo da força


Escolha o Correto

Palavras Composta

Jogo do Plural


  • Start by clicking on “Jogar”. The point of the game is to find the characters from Brazilian Folklore. Take the binoculars and search the page to find the different characters. When you find a character, click on it, and read the clues to guess the name of the character. When you have guessed correctly, read the description of the character.
  • Grade 4

Datas Comemorativas


Quiz para testar seu conhecimento

Jogo dos superlativos

Jogo do Grau (diminutivo e aumentativo)

Jogo das palavras

Jogos Educativos

  • Under the subtitle “Filtrar” in the first box, “Categorias”, pick the category that you want. Then pick which genre in the “disciplinas” box. Choose the age under “Idade” you want to work with, and finally pick your game.
  • ALL grades

Memory- Feminino e Masculino

Jogo de Acentos – acentos ortograficos

Muitos jogos diferentes

Google maps / painted streets

APPS (from Grades 1 to 4)

Palavra Cantada

  • Begin with “Escolher Música”, and then click on the first box, “Quando eu era um peixinho”. The goal is to create the words by clicking on the letters as they fall. Click the letters in the correct order.
  • There is only one free music game, but you can buy others for a small price. If you would like to buy it, click on the square, and with two fingers slide down.
  • Grade 1

Jogos de animais

  • Associate animal with sound, then learn the portuguese word.
  • Free
  • Grade 1

Learn Portuguese for Kids

  • Gives the word in Portuguese, and then says the word for the student to hear.
  • Limited amount of free.
  • Grade 1

Animal Criança Em Português

  • Kids learn animal sound and name in Portuguese.
  • Grade 1

Kids Portuguese ABC alphabets book for preschool

  • To hear the ABC Song, and learn the sounds of the letters go to “ABC Canção”. “Começar” has many words that start with each letter
  • Some of these words are from Portugual, not Brazil.
  • Grade 1

ABC Portuguese- learn Portuguese ABC

  • A memory game that uses the alphabet. The game says the cards for the child to help with pronunciation.
  • Limited amount free.
  • Grade 1

Learn Brasilian Portuguese- MOSALINGUA

  • A great app to help parents learn Portuguese along with their students.
  • Limited amount free.
  • Grade 1

Learn Portuguese with TicTic

  • Great for students just beginning to learn Portuguese. Click on the picture you want to learn, and TicTic will say the word.
  • Limited amount free.
  • Grade 1

Portuguese- English Animals and Tools

  • Click “Descoberta” to begin. Click on the picture of the animal to hear how to pronounce each animal. To play the game, click “Desafio”. The game will say a word and the student must match the correct animal with the word.
  • Some of these words are from Portugual, not Brazil.
  • Grade 1

Portuguese Class Lite

  • Great for parents wanting to learn Portuguese.
  • Limited amount free.

play2learn Portuguese HD

  • Click on the big picture to select which categories you want to learn/review. Click on the pictures to learn the different words.
  • $1.99
  • Grade 1

Spell Animal Name in Portuguese

  • Begin by clicking on one of the pictures. The game will say the name of the animal, and the player must tap on the letter in the correct order to spell the name of the animal.

Toddler Puzzle Shapes

  • This app is in English. To change to Portuguese click on the orange button (with gears), then go down to Portuguese.
  • Grade 1

Tooney Tunes- Sound Recognition

  • The goal of the game is to match the sound with the correct object. The game speaks only in Portuguese.
  • Grade 1

Learn and play Portuguese free

  • Easy to use app for both students and parents

Logos ABC

  • This app is in English. In order to change the language, click on the red gear and click on the Brazilian flag. To play click on the orange play button and choose what world you would like to play in, and what level.
  • Grade 1

Little Red Riding Hood- Multilingual stories lite

  • This app reads the Little Red Riding story in multiple languages. Click on the different objects in the picture to learn different words.
  • Grade 1

Jogos educativos para aprender a ler e escrever

  • To begin click “Jogo”, and write your name. The first level “Copie a palavra” is simple and free, and to win you must drag the letters to the correct boxes to create the word. The other free game is the third level, “A vogal faltando”. In this game the woman says the word, and the player must select the correct vowel. To learn the different letters, click “Aprender”, and then “Aprender o alfabeto”. To change the picture with each letter click the purple arrow, to change the letter, click the letter that you want to review.
  • Limited amount free (Aprender a Ler- $2.99). If you want to buy an app, this would be a good one to buy.
  • Grades 1, 2

Learn Portuguese by MindSnacks

  • This app is both English and Portuguese.
  • Grades 1, 2

Portuguese Baby Flash Cards-Kids learn to speak Portuguese

  • App is in both English and Portuguese
  • Free
  • Grades 1, 2

Caça Palavras- Apple

  • A great word search to help students begin to recognize Portuguese Words. Begin by clicking “Iniciar”, and then “fácil”.
  • Grade 3

Basic Portuguese- Learn Portuguese-Vocabulary (Hello-Hello)

  • This app contains vocabulary flashcards. Pick the subject you want to learn. There are lists, flashcards, and a practice at the end. This app is great for parents to start learning words along with their students.
  • One category is free, but the others each cost $3.99.
  • ALL grades

Portuguese- Learn Portuguese (Hello-Hello)

  • Great app for parents who want to learn Portuguese. This app has a great walk-through that explains everything. You will learn to listen, read, write, and speak it.

Portuguese Grammar Free

  • Tap on the level you want to play at. Read the sentence to find the correct answer.

Duolingo- Learn Languages for Free

  • Great app for students to review what they are learning in class, as well as for parents wanting to learn Portuguese.

Learn Portuguese- Tudo Bem

  • Great app for students to review what they are learning in class, as well as for parents wanting to learn Portuguese.

Portuguese Verb Conjugation Trainer

  • Great app for students to review the verbs, as well as for parents wanting to learn Portuguese.
  • The free version does not have audio. The full app costs $4.99.

BOOKS (from Grades 1 to 4)

Terezinha e Gabriela / Ruth Rocha

É um Livro / Lane Smith

Bom dia, todas as cores / Ruth Rocha

A menina que odiava livros / Manjusha Pawagi

Duda Bocuda / Andréia Vieira

Romeu e Julieta / Ruth Rocha

Chapéuzinho Amarelo / Chico Buarque

Marcelo Marmelo Martelo / Ruth Rocha

Nosso amigo ventinho / Ruth Rocha

Lá vem o ano novo / Ruth Rocha

A galinha que sabia ler / Sandra Aymone

A maior flor do mundo / José Saramago

A loja da Dona Raposa / Hardy Guedes


  • An interactive game that reads with the student. Under the heading “Educoteca” choose the book that you want to read. The game will read to the student, and the student can read along with the text. In the middle of the story it will stop with an interactive game that goes along with the story.
  • ALL grades

Educoteca / Full books in PDF


Galinha Pintadinha 1

Galinha Pinadinha 3

Escova os Dentes

Sabia la na gaiola

Hístoria da água

Palavra Cantada completo



Leãozinho Voador

Desenho da Monica

Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo


Numbers 1-10 memory game

Names of the numbers 1-10

Jogo da memória

Jogo da memória


Chocolate popcorn cake

Peanut treat

Mug flan

Crystalized suckers

Homemade ice cream

Chocolate candy this page